Academic Responsibility – Part II

Academic Responsibility – Part II 2018-06-13T15:59:10-04:00

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Parent Responsibilities

  1. Set up a separate secure e-mail account for each student, along with Instant Mail (IM) for the student.
  2. Review assignments and student responses on a daily basis to see what has been sent and graded, also to check daily for notes from the teachers. Students are accountable to parents as well as to teachers.
  3. Parents are expected to ensure child’s attendance on video at required time.
  4. Assist the student in organizing assignments and time. Supervise and assist the student and help him or her understand the material, but do not do the work for the student.
  5. Contact the teacher regularly through e-mail and/or telephone regarding any questions or comments you may have. When using an e-mail address, be sure to use one that is not accessible to the student.
  6. Notify the teacher of any anticipated student absences before the start of classes each day. Any assignments missed because of absences will need to be made up.
  7. Be sure that all books and materials are purchased and ready for student use at the appropriate times. Be sure that the student has all materials necessary and at hand for every class, including the assignment binder, paper, pencils, textbooks, Bible, hard copy of a dictionary, Spirit of Prophecy books, etc.
  8. Respond to the teacher upon receipt of mid-quarter and quarterly grade reports either by phone or e-mail.
  9. Demonstrate a courteous, respectful, Christ-like attitude toward the staff and the school family.
  10. Parents are responsible to make sure that computer equipment is in good working order.
  11. Parents are encouraged to institute “Parental Control” software.