Academic Responsibility – Part I

Academic Responsibility – Part I 2018-06-13T15:59:10-04:00

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Student Responsibilities:

  1. Students are required to print all assignments received from teachers and place them immediately in a 3-ring binder divided by subject.
  2. It is a good idea to print any work you submit, placing it in another binder, in case there is a transmission problem, or at least until it is ascertained that there is no problem with transmissions. These printouts may also be used as working papers for making changes to assignments when necessary. Do not erase any e-mails sent by the teacher.
  3. Attend all classes on video software on time and submit assignments daily. Be prepared by the beginning of each class with all appropriate materials, including textbooks, assignment books, a hard copy dictionary, and assignments that have been previously submitted.
  4. Follow assignment procedures given by each teacher carefully for each class and for each assignment in an organized manner. Ask questions.
  5. Read over all written work to proofread and edit before submitting, making sure the assignment is of the highest quality. Write with clarity and effectiveness. Make sure you have written exactly what you intended to write.
  6. All assignments need to be completed in the order they are sent by the teacher, since new learning builds on past knowledge and experience.
  7. Demonstrate a courteous, respectful, Christ-like attitude toward fellow students, teachers, and supervisors. Realize that parents will be interested and involved in the daily school activities and that students are responsible to parents as well as to the teachers.
  8. Maintain absolute integrity. Honesty is expected. All work submitted must be the student’s own work.
  9. Communicate to the teacher immediately if an assignment is not received by the beginning of class or if your computer is not working.
  10. Be aware of the weather reports, especially if schoolwork will be done in a place other than at home, since school is held in all kinds of weather. Textbooks and the assignment books will be needed each day.