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Tuition Policy

Important Financial Information

Payment Due Dates:

Installments are due the first of each month beginning September 1, unless otherwise specified on your invoice. Personal checks that are returned for insufficient funds by the bank will incur a fee of $25.

Financial Guarantor:

If the person responsible for payment of the student’s tuition includes someone other than the parent or guardian signing the Financial Application, that person must also submit a completed and signed Financial Application – Part 1. Please be sure to label the second copy as “Guarantor’s Copy” printed across the top to help us in our approval process.

Delinquent Accounts:

All discounts will be forfeited if your account becomes past due 30 days or longer, it will be considered delinquent at this point. REMNANT PREP. The Parent/Guardian submitting the Financial Application agrees to pay all costs of collection on delinquent accounts. A late payment fee of $25 per month will be charged until the amount due is paid.

If an unforeseen event creates a financial hardship that makes it impossible to make timely payments as originally agreed, consideration may be given to those contacting the Treasurer of REMNANT PREP. in writing, prior to being delinquent. Special payment arrangements may be possible, thereby avoiding late payment penalties and non-access to classes. If the account becomes 60 days’ delinquent, access to class will be denied (unless prior arrangements were made) and all services will be withheld.


Security Interest on Refunds

REMNANT PREP. refund policy for cancellation/withdrawal is based on the Distance Education and Training Council Guidelines for tuition charges. Please remember that the registration fee is non-refundable. Requests for cancellation and withdrawal must be submitted in writing within the time period specified.

  1. Cancellation occurs if a student wishes to terminate a course or year of study before beginning it. To qualify for a full refund, you must cancel within the first five business days after enrollment has been processed. Call the school immediately at 1-800-811-3043 to ensure notification is made within the time period. If you cancel a course after the first five business days from the date of enrollment, but have not started class, a cancellation fee of $150 will be retained. The balance paid will be refunded.
  1. Withdrawal occurs if the student wishes to terminate a course or year of study after REMNANT PREP. begins providing education services. If you wish to withdraw, a withdrawal fee of $150 will be retained, after which you may expect a credit for tuition charges based on the following schedule.

1% – 10%       of school year completed = 75% refund

11% – 25%     of school year completed = 50% refund

26% – 50%     of school year completed = 25% refund

51% and above of school year completed = No refund

Miscellaneous Fees

The fees listed below may be charged to the student’s account during the course of study if these services are received from the school.

Achievement Test                                           Fee to be announced

Extension of Time to complete grade             Fee dependent on length of extension

(Per grade for gr. 5-6, per subject for gr. 7-10)

Late payment                                                  $25

Placement Test                                               No fees

Returned Check                                              $25