Traditional Home Education

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Traditional Home Education Plan

The Traditional Home Education Plan enables parents who prefer to have maximum freedom in homeschooling their child/children, but would like to use Remnant Preparatory School’s top-notch facilitation and evaluation services. This plan offers the traditional homeschool option along with the extended services of an assigned certified educator/facilitator who conducts local home visits twice a year – beginning and ending of fiscal school year, or collaborates via web-based. This plan does not include Remnant Prep’s teaching, grading, or record-keeping services, but offers the following: (Homeschooling under the homeschool statute – Florida, USA).

1. File a notice of intent to homeschool.
2. Support in maintaining a portfolio.
3. Evaluate your student annually.
4. File an affidavit of termination.
5. Meet other required Homeschooling Regulations (see your state).

*Services will be contracted based on your home state regulations.  For Homeschooling Regulations by State click HERE.

Homeschooling under a private school “umbrella” program:
You can enroll your child in a private school that will oversee your homeschool program. Such schools are often known as “umbrella” or “cover” schools because your homeschool program is supervised by an assigned certified educator/facilitator rather than overseen by local school officials.

*For additional information about Homeschooling in the United States, click HERE


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