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Remnant Preparatory school offers the following classes for the 2017 – 2018 school year. Classes will be conducted virtually – instructor will use a video webcam to present and demonstrate lessons.

Required Curriculum – Grades 9-12 students



4- Science (must have one in Biology)

3-Social Studies (Wld Hy., Am. Hy., Am. Gov & Econ)

2- World Languages (4 recommended)

1- Physical Education (0.5 must be Personal Fitness)

1- Fine Arts

5- Health Science

3- Electives

Virtual Labs

The instructor of classes such as Biology works with the students to do labs.  Some are done with materials at home while others are done through online lab sites.


Textbooks/texts needed for all classes are provided by Remnant Preparatory School through the classroom teacher in pdf format. Physical copies may be purchased by students from a list of titles, ISBN numbers, publishers, and sources that will be provided according to grade level (Spirit of Prophecy books and other resources as advised).  Books (both new and used) should be ordered as soon as possible after receiving the list.  Textbooks will be used at the onset of the school year.  Do not make any marks in the books until it is determined by the teacher that the book is the correct edition.

Note: Remnant Prep may have textbooks that students may take on loan and just pay for shipping and handling.  This is done on a first come first serve basis.