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Staff & Volunteer Application

Remnant Preparatory School is looking for staff and volunteers (individuals and families) who are firm believers in the principles of true education as outlined in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.  Candidates must have a passion for working with young people.

Please prayerfully consider joining our family of staff and volunteers in preparing individual students for the joy of service in this world, and for the higher joy of wider service in the world to come.  Teachers, students, and parents will work together, remembering that God is our strength, Jesus is our Master Teacher, and the Holy Spirit is our Helper.

If you are interested in joining our family as a staff or volunteer this upcoming school year, please contact us at info@www.remnantprep.net  for a staff or volunteer application.  In addition, please electronically mail or fax your information for review: resume, letter of interest (desired position(s)), references , along with a current photo to info@www.remnantprep.net.

Open Positions for the  2017-2018 School Year:

  1. Experienced Farmer/Horticulturist
  2. Volunteer – Teacher Assistant

For more information, please call Madeline or Samuel Ortiz at 800-811-3043; submit via fax 800-811-8067 or email info@www.remnantprep.net: a copy of your most current resume, letter of interest that highlights your conviction of true education as outlined in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, and three (3) references.

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