Our Student Goals

Our Student Goals

The goal of Remnant Preparatory School is to prepare individual students for the joy of service in this world, and for the higher joy of wider service in the world to come.

One of our objectives as a school is to encourage students to be the persons God has called them to be today, this year, and forever. Students, teachers, and parents will work together, remembering that God is our strength, Jesus is our Master Teacher, and the Holy Spirit is our Helper.

This “school without walls” purposes to be the context where teachers and students can develop a close and meaningful relationship despite being geographically far apart.

Students will enjoy learning, collaborating with their classmates, and building a Christ-like character. The personal discipline gained from Remnant Prep will influence students in their personal lives as they learn how to serve God and their fellow men.

Students will learn intrapersonal skills as they seek to understand themselves and their feelings. They learn how to build and practice self-control and discipline, and to learn from experience.

Students will practice interpersonal skills, such as developing friendships through communication, cooperation, negotiation, sharing, empathizing, and listening.

Students will respond to the limits of everyday life with responsibility, adaptability, flexibility, and integrity.

Students will practice good judgment, as they use wisdom, evaluate situations, and make decisions based on appropriate values.

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